Cut-Outs by Rebecca Purcell

Cut-Outs by Rebecca Purcell


Cut-Outs: signed, limited edition, hand-cut prints of gouache paintings created by

By artist Rebecca Purcell, mounted on found ephemera and marked with a number corresponding to a creative phase detailed in the Organon 9 Worlds card deck.

Each piece is housed in an archival sleeve: lean the art in its sleeve as-is, or place in a small stand, or remove from sleeve and mount in a frame.

Limited edition of 21 - per image - Made in 2018

Materials: archival ink on archival paper, vintage paper

Rebecca Purcell's work exists in the spaces between things, between artist and stylist, writer and note-maker, past and present/present and future.

Regardless of medium, Purcell’s method is to take what is at hand, elevate deficits to attributes, and then find cohesion by altering her perception. She very rarely discards; she reinvents, incorporates… or adds.

Navigating in this liminal state, Purcell has immersed herself in the world of styling, art, design and handcraft for over thirty years. Starting with numerous careers in display and several adventures in design, she spent the years 1995-1999 specifically making and showing art in NYC.

A pioneer in the Past-Present aesthetic, Purcell was visual director and co-creator of the groundbreaking A.B.C. Home from 1990-1997. Followed by styling and art direction for several home design companies, working primarily with the much-cherished Anthropologie catalog beginning in 1999.

Purcell wrote an interiors book in 1996 that was one of the first to feature the Past-Present aesthetic in its current incarnation; Interior Alchemy (William Morrow).

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