Seven Powers Santa Muerte Statue

Seven Powers Santa Muerte Statue


This handsome shrine statue, imported from Mexico, is a small representation of La Santa Muerte--literally saint or holy death, a folk saint popular in Mexico and the Mexican diaspora taking the form of a female grim reaper.

In the rainbow of “Seven Powers” Santa Muerte Statues such as this one, each color represent a different property of the statue.

The gold is used to procure abundance and wealth. The red is used for passion, love, and romance. The copper is used for removing negative energies, cleansing, and protection. The purple is used for change for the better and for health. The green is used for money, justice, and success in legal matters. The light blue is used for good luck, stability, and blessings. The blue is used for spirituality and to develop one’s intuition and psychic power.

Size: 4 x 1.5 in

Made in Plastic

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