Nephtys, Post Mortem Mask by French Artist Candice Angelini

Nephtys, Post Mortem Mask by French Artist Candice Angelini



Nephtys is a unique, hand made artwork created by french mask maker Candice Angelini. It is crafted of molded paper and real human hair and teeth.

Nephtys is a mask inspired by the Incan mummies, more specifically by the Aclla, (The Chosen Women in Quechua, also known as The Virgins of the Sun)

These young women were chosen to be sacrificed during the Capachoca ritual. These religious ceremonies also had a political tone, as they served to intimidate the other regions of the Inca Empire.

Candice Angelini is a self-taught artist whose work revolves around the threshold between life to death and the idea of memorialisation. Her fascination for 19th Century France makes her believe she’s feel stuck in time, between her own era and the past. A believer in past lives, Angelini creates masks that evokes her relationship to former lives and identities contained within her. Each of her sculptures, made of paper, antique materials and often real human hair or teeth are unique, and channels a bit of the past souls it once was attached to.

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