Morbid Anatomy Tote Bag

Morbid Anatomy Tote Bag


14.5 wide by 27 (with strap)
14.5 wide by 15.5 (base)

Screen printed by Brooklyn artist Maya Maccarthy, this handsome Morbid Anatomy tote bag boasts a image from George Wither’s 1635 A collection of emblemes, ancient and moderne, quickened with metricall illustrations, both morall and divine : and disposed into lotteries … The text surrounding the image reads “memento mori,” or, remember, you will die. The phrase “Memento Mori” also refers to objects, artworks or texts created to encourage one to contemplate their own mortality. These were popular as part of the Christian tradition, the idea being that if one kept the idea of one’s own death close at hand, you were more likely to be able to resist the temptations of life on earth and thus be rewarded in the afterlife.

Artwork on one side only

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