Anatomical heart necklace, Master Jeweler Karen Bachmann

Anatomical heart necklace, Master Jeweler Karen Bachmann

from 82.00

1 3/8” long

Brass comes with brown necklace / Sterling Silver with black Necklace.

This piece is drawn from master jeweler Karen Bachmann’s Anatomical Talisman series.

Having always been interested in anatomical functions, she sculpted in wax (as true to form as possible), essential body organs and cast them using the lost wax process into wearable amulets in silver and brass. Her inspiration are ex-votos. They are intended to be worn “for protection and appreciation of life.”

Karen Bachmann has over 30 years experience in the fine jewelry industry, and was on staff at Tiffany & Co for several years as a custom order jeweler. She is a professor of fine art/ design and art history at both Pratt Institute and Fashion Institute of Design. Her MA thesis focused on Victorian ornamental hairwork, which is a subject she is considered to be an expert on.

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