Ab imo pectore, Miniature Painting Necklace by Alternate Empire

Ab imo pectore, Miniature Painting Necklace by Alternate Empire


The term “ab ima pector” means “from the bottom of my chest” or more recognizably “from the bottom of my heart. The miniature hand is painted in acrylic on a metal shield with a single faux pearl, This chain length is intentional and measured so that the hand points directly under the wearer’s heart. The chain has a 3 inch extension to adjust as needed. The painting is varnished with a UV protective and waterproof gloss.

Pendant dimensions: 1.5x1 inches

Alternate Empire was born out of a fine arts project of creating small one inch paintings of small animals that evolved into wearable original drawings and paintings. With design influences from the 18th through the early 20th centuries, the miniature artworks delve into wildlife and anatomical themes. They are set within a various accoutrements, such as pendants, earrings, brooches, lapel pins and more. No work is ever printed and completely one of a kind. All items are made by Jenn Cortés in her small Greenpoint workshop. Jenn Cortés, owner and sole creator of Alternate Empire, studied Art History and Painting at CUNY Hunter College and works in historical research for fine art and design auctions.

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